Monday, 8 May 2017

Terrific Tie Dye

We all had an amazing time on our trip to the Ban Chang Tie Dye Cooperative. It was fantastic to twist and stretch the fabric to create our own designs, and really exciting to unwrap the surprise in school that evening. Here we are....aren't they fantastically colourful!

Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Julia Donaldson

We have had a great time learning all about one of our favourite author’s, Julia Donaldson. We have linked our reading of her stories with our science investigations too!

We learned how to shape and change clay while making snails and Gruffalo faces in the trees. 

 We have been squashing and squeezing lots of different materials. .

We conducted an experiment into why the Giant’s clothes could be reused by the animals he helped.

Making Tiddler toast was a yummy learning experience! We made pebble paths of rhyming words,

and we also learned a lot about Julia herself.

Monday, 24 April 2017

Term 3

Dear Parents and carers, 
Welcome back to the final term of Year 2. It is another fun packed term with lots of learning activities. 

We will be finishing Materials and Magnet Magic and moving on to Waves, Wheels and Wings. You can see the curriculum maps for the units above. 

Some dates to remember:

Monday, May 1 Holiday - Labour Day
Tuesday, May 2 Trip to Tie Dye Cooperative - Year 2SA
Wednesday, May 3 Trip to Tie Dye Cooperative - Year 2LH
Friday, May 5 Holiday - Coronation Day
Wednesday, May 10 Holiday - Visakha Bucha Day 
Friday, May 12 Primary Swimming Gala
Thursday, May 18 2LH sharing assembly
Wednesday, May 31 Trip to travel on a train and visit a marina and sail-maker's loft
Wednesday, June 7 Transition day - lunch with the Year 3s
Tuesday, June 20 Term 3 reports
Wednesday, June 21 Primary concert and open afternoon
Friday, June 23 Last day of this academic year

Friday, 24 March 2017

Careers Mufti Day

Today was a mufti day in school to raise money for a Special Needs school in Sattahip.
We were footballers, a soldier, a teacher and more! Lots of us were scientists and we were lucky that the lovely Mr George invited us to watch some cool experiments with Year 6. 
Lovely Mr George! 

First he explained all about thermal energy and the special properties of alcohol. Then he did two different experiments. He made Harry Potter's green fire and turned a water bottle into a flaming jet! 

We really enjoyed our science discussions with Year 6 talking partners.  Thank you Mr George,


Sunday, 19 March 2017

Native American Day

What an exciting day! 

  Fully packed with such a variety of activities! 

We play Native American music under tactful coordination of Miss Michelle: 


 We had to hunt for corn :


 We painted clay beads...

We made beautiful head bands with Native American patterns: 

 We ate pop-corns:

We immersed into Native American children's games and we made something called "The triangle Game"...

We enjoyed a truly delicious Native American lunch! 

We played a Native American game called "Obasana" : 

 Making necklaces was quite...captivating!

And...bowls painting!