Friday, 24 March 2017

Careers Mufti Day

Today was a mufti day in school to raise money for a Special Needs school in Sattahip.
We were footballers, a soldier, a teacher and more! Lots of us were scientists and we were lucky that the lovely Mr George invited us to watch some cool experiments with Year 6. 
Lovely Mr George! 

First he explained all about thermal energy and the special properties of alcohol. Then he did two different experiments. He made Harry Potter's green fire and turned a water bottle into a flaming jet! 

We really enjoyed our science discussions with Year 6 talking partners.  Thank you Mr George,


Sunday, 19 March 2017

Native American Day

What an exciting day! 

  Fully packed with such a variety of activities! 

We play Native American music under tactful coordination of Miss Michelle: 


 We had to hunt for corn :


 We painted clay beads...

We made beautiful head bands with Native American patterns: 

 We ate pop-corns:

We immersed into Native American children's games and we made something called "The triangle Game"...

We enjoyed a truly delicious Native American lunch! 

We played a Native American game called "Obasana" : 

 Making necklaces was quite...captivating!

And...bowls painting!