YEAR 1 and 2
What are the times of the school day?
School starts at 7.50am and finishes at 3.10pm. Children may be dropped at school from 7.30am. They may not be dropped off before this time as there are no staff on duty. Occasionally school may finish early on the last day of term. Parents or named adults must collect their children from the classroom door at the end of the day. Late pickup may result in childcare fees.
If you are late Unless your child is in an after school activity or there is an emergency that you have contacted the school about, any child needing supervision after 3.30pm may incur a minimum supervision charge of 500 baht as a member of staff will be needed to supervise him/her. 

What is the communication diary for?
We have a communication diary that comes home in your child’s folder every day.
It contains:
A copy of the timetable.
Reading record
Information on the week’s events
Notes between teacher and parents
Login for online homework (Studyladder)

What will my child learn?
English (or ELS)
Phonics is taught across the year group
Reading (taught one to one and non-Thai students also have a guided reading lesson)
Mathematics (Singapore curriculum)
Connected Learning (science, history or geography related unit)
Art and Design Technology
ICT (computing skills, graphic art and coding)
Thai (for Thai nationals)
Thai Culture
Music (taught by a specialist)
PE and Swimming (taught by the PE staff)
Movement (taught by the class teacher)

All children must swim when the swimming pool is open. Children who do not have a note in their diary or a swimming costume will be provided with a spare set. Children can only miss one swimming lesson with a parent's note. After that a doctor’s certificate is required.

Will my child get homework?
Children in Year 1 and 2 have reading and spelling homework every day. Reading is recorded in the communication diary and parents are encouraged to record what children have read also. Spelling homework is sent in an individual spelling book. Children are expected to complete this for 4 days, and on the Friday a test is given. The test and it's score are recorded in the book. Occasionally other homework may be given.

Who is my child’s teacher?
Each Year 1 and 2 class has a teacher and a Teaching Assistant. Their names are on the class door and the website.

Year 1G - Ms Jessica and Kn Nik- j.ridpath@gardenrayong.com
Year 1I - Ms Anna and Kn Pui  - a.flores@gardenrayong.com

Year 2G - Ms Lucy and Kn Pom- l.howett@gardenrayong.com
Year 2I - Mr Stan and Kn Sa - a.stan@gardenrayong.com

What should my child bring to school?
In your child’s school bag:

Folder containing communication book, reading book and any letters or homework.
Spare change of clothes

What uniforms do I need to buy?
At least two school uniforms
Two PE kits
One house t-shirt (Houses are assigned at the start of school)
School hat for children in EY to Year 5
White socks
Sensible shoes (trainers are best)

On PE and Movement days children may wear their PE kit to school.

For swimming parents are requested to provide plain black one-piece swimming suits for girls or plain black fitted trunks for boys. Goggles are required for all children and a swimming hat for girls with long hair.

What about meals and snacks?
We have 3 breaks in the day.
Morning break - children eat a snack then play
Lunchtime - children eat lunch then play
Afternoon break - children eat a small snack

Food is provided as part of the school fees structure.

Children must also bring a bottle to school to fill with water. This bottle should be named and will be sent home every day for cleaning.

What events does my child take part in?
Parents are invited to:
Assemblies (date will be advised by the class teacher)
Christmas Show
Christmas Fair (on a Saturday)
International Day (on a Saturday)
Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 Sports Day
Swimming Gala

Other optional events:
Talent show
Divali night
Mandarin night
Loy Krathong
Summer concert
Transition talks

Student only events:
Book Day
Whole school assemblies
Songkran splash
Halloween party
House competitions

Does the school do any fundraising?
The school supports 6 charities and a new community programme is being put in place to ensure that strong links develop between the students and the local community

From time to time the students organise fundraising events for these charities. A mufti day is a day when students can wear their own clothes to school in exchange for a donation to the charity (usually 50 baht)

What is ELS?
ELS stands for English Language Support.
On the class teacher's recommendation, children in Year 1 and 2 can be assessed for ELS.  If children are entered for ELS there is an extra cost.

What is SEN?
If a class teacher is concerned about a child’s learning progress they will begin to monitor the child, and ask the parents to come in to school and work together to make an Individual Education Plan (IEP). In some cases children may be assessed and recommended for Special Education Needs (SEN) support. This has an extra cost. The school also works closely with a local Speech and Language Therapist who provides extra lessons for some children on a fortnightly basis.

What happens if my child gets sick?
We have a qualified nurse working in the sickbay at our school. She keeps the children’s vaccination records, conducts regular health checks and looks after children when they are sick. If children become sick in school they wait in the sick bay until they can be picked up and taken home. If your child is unwell at home please do not send them to school. If any member of your family is sick with a contagious disease such as Hand Foot and Mouth Disease, please let the school know immediately.

If there is an accident in school, an ambulance will be called and your child will be taken to hospital for immediate attention. This will either be Bangkok Rayong Hospital or Queen Sirikit Hospital, depending on the advice of the school nurse.

How do I get to see my child’s teacher?
If you wish to see your child’s teacher you can make an appointment by writing in the communication diary, emailing or phoning the front office.

What if my child is going to miss a day of school?
If your child is not coming to school please let us know why. If it is a planned absence send a note to the class teacher. If your child is going to be absent please email

How does the library work?
All children get a library number. They can take out up to 2 books at any time. We change the books twice a week during short library change lessons. Parents can go to the library with their children and change books at any time during the week. Parents can also get their own library membership number to take extra books.

Can my child have a phone?

Children in Year 1 and 2 may not bring a phone, smart watch or ipad/tablet to school.

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